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Feedback, Matty's I Spy, The Matty Detective.


Matty Detective  


Where to find the evidence 
Local walks, local tree, family stories
Museum, Internet, Expert Talks, 

Location – dates on buildings
       Place names
       Growth of the town 
       Old field patterns … with trees

Study local maps 

Family – family tree, talk to older generation
       About how they lived
       What they remembered

Home    Where are the oldest houses
        How old are they
       Are they being pulled down
Work     Old buildings 

Travel    How old is the train station?
        Where did the trains first run to and from

Outside the house
        Your local trees
        What danger are they in?

Plant and animal life
        What is your nearest open space
        Park? Garden
        Community farms
        Nature conservation
        Animal rescue




      Old Maps

      Old family photographs

      Tree Council

      Urban Trees



I Spy Matty  

And the Year is …… How did Matty live in ……   

Curriculum topics  – Geography, History, Biology
Opportunities for Drama, Diary keeping, observation

Matty’s Oak – describe where it is
      Who wants to cut it down
      Why do they want to cut it down
      What do they want the wood for?

Location - Where does Matty live
       Who lives near

Family - Who does Matty live with 
        Brothers and sisters
        Food - what do they eat
        Clothes - What do they wear
Home - What is their house 
         What is the house made of 
         What things would they have in their house
         How did they keep the house warm
         Are there animals, why are they kept?
         Where are the animals kept?

Work – what jobs do they do? 
        Where do they work?
        What hours do they work
        Parents, children
        Education, school, play

Travel – what is the nearest town or village
        Why would they go there
        How would they travel to get there

Outside the House 
       View from the window 
       What do they see
       Trees and plants

Plant and animal life
       Trees  – where are they
       What kind of tree are they 

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