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About the Author

        and the Book

Liz Lees - Writer, Director and Performer with Green Light Theatre Company. Actors Equity and Set Design, Guildford School of Acting.

Liz's other plays with environmental themes include The Plumber of Bath, Phyllis The Frog and The Flea and Polly and the Penguin in the Precinct.


Liz's Art Work includes simple line drawings, palette knife oils and quirky people pictures with stories of modern life. See

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Book Facts

ISBN 978-0-9527604-2-9               Size 12.9 x 19.8cm

No. of Pages 103                              No. of Words 11,711 

Illustrated throughout                      Children's Fiction

Age Group 6 - 12yrs                         Price £5, p&p £2

Self Published by Liz Lees with support from

Carnegie Publishing, Lancaster      Date of Publication 18.8.18

(First Performed as a play touring in the NW funded by English Nature 1990)


My Tree

My imaginary oak is near Old Trafford on the outskirts of Manchester - but it could be on the edge of any big city.

My tree is an oak but you may love a different tree. 

The Friends of Matty's Oak tries to explain -

What has the oak tree seen in it's long life?

It can't talk but can show us how it feels.

The people round about care for it -

Who were these people?

Who cares for it in the future?


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